Real Stories Real Success

We can provide you with loads of data to back up the science behind our weight loss solutions (and believe us, we’ve got the data). But something tells us you’d rather hear it from people just like you. We are profoundly proud to have played a part in these stories. When you’re ready, let’s start writing yours.

“After coming to Options, I’ve become a lot happier with how I look physically and how I feel internally”

“Options has changed my life because now I have more energy, I’ve actually lost more weight than I wanted to… Which is wonderful.”
“My life has changed since coming to Options in several ways, not just physically, because I like what I see in the mirror, but also mentally.”
“Options has changed my life drastically in a few ways. Number one, I feel much better because I feel healthy.”

“Options changed my life simply because I look a lot better and I feel more confident.”

“I’ve been to so many doctors my whole life for my diabetes, but Options were the ones that helped me change my life.”

“Options has changed my life in that I no longer look at food options as limitations, I look at it as opportunities to be creative.”

“Options has changed my life dramatically in various aspects.”
“I would say that the biggest way that Options has changed my life was that I got my life back.”
“Options has changed my life because, for one, I’m more confident in who I am as a person.”

“I just feel so happy and like I have so much more power than before.”

“Options has changed my life so much, it’s mind-boggling. I was so fuzzy-thinking and I was not happy with myself.”
“I have never been able to stick with something for as long as I’ve stuck with this and feel like it’s really a lifestyle change.”
“The support that my counselor and the other team members at Options gave me during the program helped me stick with it.”
“My counselor is one of my great friends now. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I’m at.”
“I felt like if I have accomplished so much when I saw that number dropped to the normal range it, felt amazing.”
“At the end of the day they want you to learn that, you know what, you can’t be dependent on their food.”
“With the help of my counselors and my family, I was able to succeed in my weight loss goal that I achieved.”
“Options obviously helped me lose a lot of weight, but it also showed me how I can still eat the things that I want to eat and not be hungry.”
“It is about continuously making great choices and working with my counselor has really enabled me to know what good choices are.”
“My friends and colleagues are noticing, and I don’t need that kind of validation, but let’s face it, it sure feels great when people notice.”
“I felt overall this is something I needed and now that I’ve taken care of it, I won’t have to worry about it again the rest of my life.”
“I can see I’m getting healthier; I feel better. It’s been easier to follow. Not that it’s easy, but this is an easier program that I think that I’m going to be able to stick to for a long time.”

Lose 20-30 lbs in 12 weeks

Included in your program:

GLP-1 Medication: Semaglutide, a GLP-1 medication, is one of the most effective drugs for long-term weight loss. You will receive this medication delivered straight to your door.

Medical Provider Appointments: You will have regular online appointments with a medical provider to discuss your body’s response to the medication, dosage changes and any questions or concerns.

Health Coaching Sessions: During your online sessions, your health coach will monitor your progress and discuss lifestyle changes (nutrition, activity, sleep, meal timing) to maximize your results.

Smart Devices & Remote Monitoring: You will receive a bioimpedance scale and blood pressure cuff that sync to the Options Health Coach app, allowing your care team to give personalized guidance.