Options Telehealth GLP-1 Program FAQs

What are the brand names for semaglutide?


Ozempic® (FDA-approved for Type 2 Diabetes)

Wegovy® (FDA-approved for obesity)

Do I need insurance coverage?


No insurance is required. The cost of the program includes your medical visits and the GLP-1 medication.

Is the medication, included in my monthly fee of $399?


Yes, your semaglutide, a GLP-1 medication, is included in the monthly fee, along with monthly medical provider appointments, health coaching and remote smart device monitoring.


Is the weight loss program completely online?


Yes, this program is built around your convenience and flexibility! Your medical provider appointments and health coaching sessions will take place online. The smart devices synced to the Options Health Coach app will deliver your biometric data to your health coach for virtual monitoring. Additionally, the GLP-1 medication will be conveniently shipped to your doorstep.


How do GLP-1s work?


These FDA-approved medications make the stomach empty slower – so you’ll feel satisfied with smaller amounts of food, helping you to eat less. They also signal to the brain that there’s food in the stomach, which decreases appetite and cravings. Additionally, they stimulate the body to release insulin, reducing your blood sugar level. These factors can help you to make more moderate choices that are aligned with your body’s needs.

Does your semaglutide contain salt as a base?


No. We do not prescribe or administer any form of semaglutide salts.

Are there other benefits from taking GLP-1 other than weight loss?


Decreased bad cholesterol

Decreased blood pressure

Decreased hyperglycemia and hemoglobin A1C

Improved functional capacity and activities of daily living

Currently being studied as a treatment for anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD


What are some potential side effects from GLP-1, and how can I manage them?


GI upset, headache, fatigue, and dizziness. Most of these symptoms can be minimized with adequate hydration, electrolyte replacement, and vitamins. Options has lipotropic injections as well as vitamins, supplements, and stool softeners to help with any side effects. Rest may also be helpful.


Lose 20-30 lbs in 12 weeks

Included in your program:

GLP-1 Medication: Semaglutide, a GLP-1 medication, is one of the most effective drugs for long-term weight loss. You will receive this medication delivered straight to your door.

Medical Provider Appointments: You will have regular online appointments with a medical provider to discuss your body’s response to the medication, dosage changes and any questions or concerns.

Health Coaching Sessions: During your online sessions, your health coach will monitor your progress and discuss lifestyle changes (nutrition, activity, sleep, meal timing) to maximize your results.

Smart Devices & Remote Monitoring: You will receive a bioimpedance scale and blood pressure cuff that sync to the Options Health Coach app, allowing your care team to give personalized guidance.